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Cleaning Services in Marina Del Rey Services

At Ogden’s Cleaners, there’s no clothing item we can’t clean. We also offer services to ensure your clothes are your perfect size, not just a number on a rack. We offer delivery upon request.

Dry Cleaning

Our dry cleaning services in Marina Del Ray can be customized to clean any type of clothes, with same day turnaround times possible. From getting the grass stains out of a soccer uniform to spot cleaning an expensive suit and everything in between, our specialized processes and products handle every article of clothing with gentle care. Is your washing machine too small for your blankets? We also dry clean bedding and comforters, keeping them soft and plush while ensuring they last longer than with machine washing.

Fluff & Fold Laundry

Ogden’s Cleaners provides same day turnaround for fluff and fold laundry services. We save businesses and individuals time by washing, drying, fluffing, and folding your laundry. Drop it off or have it picked up and we’ll call you as soon as we’re finished. We also provide specialized services for men’s button down dress shirts, including starching the collar and ironing for a professional, polished look.


Our professional Marina Del Ray cleaners also condition and moisturize leather products, including jackets, vests, pants, boots, and more. Our brushes gently lift out dirt and stains, while our products buff out scratches, smooth out creases, and restore your leather so it’s ready to wear.


If you have throw rugs or door mats that have become dusty or stained, we dry clean rugs, restoring a fresh, plush surface and preparing them to proudly display in your home or business.

Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

Your wedding gown is probably the most expensive and important garment you’ll ever purchase. Keep it in good condition to pass down to your children with our wedding gown cleaning & preservation services. We gently lift out any perspiration and dust, secure any loose beading or threads, and specially package your wedding dress for moisture-free long term storage.

Shoe Cleaning & Repair

Did your favorite shoes get covered in mud? Spill something on them that you can’t remove? Or maybe you have small tear in your shoe, but aren’t ready to throw the pair away. Ogden’s Cleaners provides shoe cleaning and repair for sneakers, dress shoes, and boots so you can get more life out of them.


Preparing for a wedding or other formal event? Have you lost weight recently, or bought pants that are too long? Ogden’s Cleaners provides alterations to take in, let out, hem, or repair any article of clothing. Stop in for a fitting and we’ll determine the exact modifications we’ll need to make to ensure a perfect fit.

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